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No fear, Bakasana mastery

Master the fear of falling in arm balances.

The three ways to make the Bakasana accesible.

1. Bring your wrist into action and make it more flexible. Most students having stiff and weak wrists find it challenging to master the crow or crane pose. A simple exercise is a down-dog pose or rotation of wrist joints.

2. Work on your core here implies the spirit of a pose. The core muscles, mainly rectus abdominis (six-packs), external-internal obliques, transverse abdominis, along with using your triceps brachii can help you to master this pose with confidence. The main two methods that can help are Chaturanga and Ashtanga Surya namaskara A.

(image courtesy below: Credit encorepilates Australia)

3. Use your iliopsoas to shift the weight in a controlled way. Iliopsoas, the muscle in the image below, helps to bring squat. The squat is beneficial to change the weight forward gradually. Mainly this posture can be mastered from standing entry, but that will also engage psoas.

Our TTC Online video can explain the sequence to enter into the posture and warming up related to it in depth.


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