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Warrior pose 1 essential pose for Mind and Body.

Within the school of Shaivism and text like Skanda, Matsya, and Kurma Purana, Vira Bhadra is mentioned. He is a warrior created by Shiva, and in yoga, this creates Warrior pose A, B and C that are of great importance. People of practice vinyasa methods such as ashtanga vinyasa or vinyasa krama often do this pose.

The story mentions self-immolation by Sati due to the insult of her husband done by her father. She married Shiva against her father's wish. King Daksha invited all the gods except her son in law Shiva to perform a grand and lavish fire ceremony called Ashwamedha yagna. During the ongoing ceremony, Sati confronted her father, and angered after hearing insults against her husband, she set herself ablaze by her inner yogāgni.

When Shiva came to know about what had happened in the ceremony, he plucked a lock from his hair and thrashed it on the ground with deep sorrow and anger, which created Virabhadra, the warrior. Later Virabhadra punishes King Daksha by chopping his head off.

This way, the postures set in hatha yoga school is named Virbhadra asana. There is warrior A, and most students are familiar with it due to Surya namaskara B.

Yoga warrior pose helps us find our inner power (empowerment) essential ingredients to cultivate confidence and spirit to face life's challenges.

Image is from TTC 200 Cluj, 2020.


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