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Progress of Back bends

Adjusting without hands in Gentle Vinyasa

Yesterday we did the 8th occasion of online Gentle Vinyasa 5 (GV-5), around 14 students participated in the class. The class's purpose is to master the drop-back wheel, which is itself a challenging task for many students, even the advanced ones. At the end of the class, 11 could do around 4-10 dropbacks, all 14 could do 3 rounds of headstand, and everyone could do Headstand with knees flexed.

We Gently tried the class avoiding all hard vinyasa such as chaturanga and jumps back and forward. We used joint action to master the poses in Gentle Vinyasa classes, rather than creating heat through Vinyasa.

Yoga is the fountain of youth. You're only as young as your spine is.

The interesting part is that around 30% are new to use from different countries and I have never met them personally. They started their practices with us, beginning with Basics 1 or spine classes, slowly leading to basics 2 and Gentle Vinyasa 4 & 5.

Therefore, online has proved that hands-on adjustments aren't the only way to master the poses; even the verbal adjustments, use of anatomical sense, and right sequencing can bring even advanced postures.

Even Yoga mythology states that the father of yoga, great sage Patanjali taught yoga to 1000 people while keeping a screen or curtain between them :)

Here below, you can see a video where Hands-on adjustment is used by making students more confident to take a safe fall.


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