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Class description:


Learn about the essential classes of yoga, based on authentic teachings from Himalayan masters of India and using original books for reference. 


Bindusar basics:

Introduction into Hatha yoga stream but in a more gentle dynamic flow that keeps your daily worries away and slowly makes your body and mind to learn new ways to cope with stress and gradually reducing it. The class is beneficial for yoga practitioners as it teaches you to synchronize body motion and to breathe together. This class guarantees the opening of your stiff body and effects are seen even in the early stages. The level has a series of Basics 1 (Alignment flow), Basics 2 (Flow with power), Basics 3 (Twist and handstand), Basics 4 (Art of hip opening), Basics 5 (Backbends), Basics 6 (Inversion mastery) and Basics 7 (Lotus opening).


Benefits- The safest and intelligent sequencing to master difficult postures. Most students of ashtanga and other dynamic attend these classes to learn and master specific postures without injuring their bodies. 



Elements is an intermediate series of 5 classes. Each class is inspired by 5 elements of nature and brings you closer to nature (Prakriti) to reveal your inner life, that is according to Yoga is Sat Chitta Ananda;  means everlasting existential joy. “Our inner self-get confused and starts behaving according to our thoughts that lead to agony and suffering” - Patanjali. 90 minutes of Element classes are of 90 minutes and containing an intermediate level of practice. 


Benefits - The intermediate level practice where you sweat, stretch, build endurance. The class builds an advance level of practitioner mainly in the physical practice part. 


Bindusar Spine:

Yoga therapy is applied to heal the issues of the body such as spine and back, related joint disorders, stress, insomnia, etc. Bindusar spine and Ayurveda yoga are group classes offered under this concept. The types are very suitable for beginners and people with problems related to spine and stress.


Benefits -  Best wat to introduce yourself to yoga practice. The class trains in the right breathing and movements reduce back pain and stress. 


One to one:

The classes are mostly taught in a private setting and can also be complemented with Ayurveda therapy to make the process highly effective. The course can be of 60 or 90 minutes according to the need of students. 


Benefits - The classes are designed according to your needs and goals. The teacher will access your body in multiple segments such as postural form, endurance level, past and current injuries, body type (Vata, Pitta and Kapha). 


Bindusar Eternity:

Meditation and concentration based 90 minutes class that will gradually reduce your overthinking and bring one-pointedness. The level includes specific postures series, deep breath works and special techniques from Yoga and tantric systems to experience the state of meditation. These classes are special workshops based on a required commitment of a minimum of 6 settings to see the initial results and can be taught in groups and private settings.


Benefits -  The breathwork and pranayama based, you learn many types of breathing and can be used in daily life such as healing and work. 


Ashtanga Vinyasa, Yin yoga, Vinyasa Flow and Vinyasa Krama are also offered in our studios and Yoga teachers training courses.


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