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Ageless body comes from Ageless Mind !!

Here mind plays a crucial role towards the ageless body.

There are some simple guidelines that I share with you for healthy and ageless mind. As Ferruci illustrates the positive effect of aging on human mind such as we become more creative and able to handle complex ideas. Aging has his own virtues and vices, the major drawback of ageing is that due to aging is increased VATAs in body which detroits concentration and memory, but at the same time mind grows from its adjacent sides that contributes to higher creativity and excellent assimilation of complex ideas.

According to Tantra, during the period of old age, the upper body become more dominant, that

through the strengthening of higher chakras that are center for learning and creativity. Uncontrolled Vata is the only obstacle that hampers the bliss of old age.

Here are some simple ways how to make yourself ageless from body and mind:

1. Surya Namaskar:

A daily dose of salutation to Sun can do wonders. Hindu books have mentioned different forms of Sun Salutation, as you can see during trips to India ,most Hindus carry the ritual every morning near the banks of Ganges. On the scientific part it increases the intake of Vitamin D that is necessary for bones which are key location of Vata and on other side it supports cognitive function of mind. Those who find it hard to have sun, they should at least take 600 international units of Vitamin D3 everyday.

2. Ground yourself with meditation:

Try to give 10 minutes of a day atleast for meditation. Now studies have also shown that a daily practice of concentration or meditation leads to nimble and clear mind. It gives the greater sense of well being and improves crisis management capability.

3. Involve B12:

Researches have shown that Vitamin B 12 is one of important nutrients for the strong memory and involved in the metabolism of every cell in body. High vitamin B12 level in elderly individuals may protect against brain atrophy or shrinkage, associated with Alzheimer’s symptoms and impaired cognitive function.

It can be found in dairy products, eggs, fish, shellfish, fermented foods like miso, kimchee , pickles etc.

4. Herbs as Brain tonic:

Yoga and Ayurveda have prescribed some herbs that are effective in controlling Vata and improves brain functioning. The herbs like Brahmi (Gotu Kala) is recommended, as it improves focus and calms the mind without showing sedative effects unlike Sarphagandha, another herb. Brahmi is used in oils, grass, tonic and tablets that inspires the new creativity if taken in a correct dose. Another recommendation is also Almonds, as 6-8 seeds of almond daily, it contains high level of Vitamin E that is also an effective antioxidant.

5. Move:

Excercise, especially Yoga, that involves focus and breathing will bring the higher supply of oxygen to your body and mind. Yoga is full of techniques that leads to ageless mind and body. Release of stress and stiffness will also reduce the pressure from mind to struggle with body movements, Yoga states that in a healthy body a healthy mind stays. Meditation boost mental ability to absorbs and radiate optimism.

6. Think Positive:

“Bhava Bhavatit” from Hrdaya Tantra, that means what we feel, we become that. Negative thinking leads to stress, anger, and frustration pushing our adrenals to release more cortisol. Higher amount of cortisol shrinks the hippocampus (The part of the brain that is linked with emotions and memory) and generates more negative thinking. Yoga Nidra is a best way to relax the Hippocampus and mind overall to convert the negative thoughts to positive one.

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