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5 Modern ways to make ashtanga easy

Modern rules for Ashtanga Yoga

Lately, ashtanga yoga and mainly ashtanga primary series have become popular with yoga students looking for a dynamic form of practice as a substitute for other exercises such as gym or running.

Also, ashtanga yoga classes give the flexibility to practice as per limit, without being judged by others or getting demotivated.

Ashtanga becomes popular in the late '90s and since it has become a base of dynamic practices. Most recently developed styles, such as vinyasa flow or other types of flow, are also inspired by the ashtanga vinyasa method.

Many students feel afraid in terms of practice or get intimated when they join the classes in groups or don't know how to begin the first step to ashtanga.

Similarly, regular ashtanga students want to upgrade their practice, looking for ashtanga yoga teacher's training. Teacher training is most suited for those who desire to teach or have a background in teaching yoga already; otherwise, immersion courses can improve.

Here are the 5 Modern rules of Ashtanga practice-

  1. Start whenever you are ready with just 20 minutes of ashtanga exercise, you can stop your way anytime and feel there is no need to run for half led or full led. The best is, to begin with, ashtanga Surya Namaskar A or B. Even youtube videos for it are enough to start.

  2. Learn the right breathing, Ujjayi. The breathing makes a fundamental difference in good practice that you would repeat or a method you want to escape. Ujjayi breath can be taught to you by ashtanga yoga teachers or Hatha yoga teachers near you. Few classes with them will make you adept in the practice, and then you can feel the miracle of the practice.

  3. Just stay with two classes or two times practice a week. Many students jump into ashtanga quickly with force doing 5-6 classes weekly, like in yoga retreats or ashtanga TTC's, leading to injuries on wrists, knees, and backs. Therefore, let the body become healthy and strong, breathe the body synchronized, and let inner love for ashtanga blossom.

  4. Find a proper yoga mat. Ashtanga is a dynamic practice, and if the yoga mat is slippery, you will waste your efforts in wiping your hands or mat with a towel. Especially beginner students feel the grounding students; once your practice evolves after a few years, you would be able to do all types of the mat.

5. Stay with the practice rather than getting confused with yoga or eastern philosophies, at least in the first six months. Yoga is a living philosophy and its 100 % practice. As you will understand your body and breath, better control of thoughts will come, and soon the doors to wisdom will open. 'Yoga cannot be mastered by hearing lectures on yoga or reading yoga literature; it is learned with thorough practice' - Hatha Yoga Pradipika

You can start with the video added below at your home, once you feel you are enough or ready, go ahead with group classes to feel mass energy after COVID times.


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