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How to change your inner state for difficult postures?

Role of the teacher to manage hidden challenges.

Yoga has two crucial terms: without understanding them, it's impossible to attain success in yoga poses, a better state of mind, free from negativity and depressed thoughts, and total overall quality of life.

Citta (Chitta)- In simple words it is a collection of last impressions or our memories from past actions. , convert into personality traits in the long run, called 'samskaras.' Yoga postures and their challenging nature reveals these samskaras or the state of Citta.

Buddhi is the higher intelligence, the doorway to our inner or intuitive wisdom. The root word 'Budh' means awakened created the word Buddhi, means awakened intelligence. Buddha is rooted in the same word budh.

In yoga poses, for example, someone would have fear generated only by looking at someone doing or falling over from a headstand. Now either the person will quit trying and leave the posture for the future or will be convinced with his mind, which will decide according to habit patterns stored in Citta, making the student find some support to avoid fall. Even many would be afraid to do against the wall, and I have seen many students coming to me and saying for last few months or years they are only watching other doing it.

Here comes the teacher's role, who will help the student loosen up their habit patterns stored on Citta. In a few weeks or months, the teacher will plant new thoughts using Patanjali's three methods.

These three ways to freedom will help students feel good, confident, better health, and happy state of mind along with mastering challenging postures.

Those students who can manage this pose below, do they remember how it was the first time? As you deleted those emotions of fear with gradual practice, the same will apply to all poses and life.

We will continue those 3 key methods in the next blog......................

PS- This blog was scheduled to be released in 48 hours, and by luck one of our online yoga TTC student sent me the Facebook message about her first time headstand against the wall on her own and it will explain the phenomenon explained above. (it is not added for self praise).


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