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Bindusar yoga


Bindu is defined as ‘Elixir’ and Sar is ‘Lake’, BinduSar means Lake of Elixir (represents state of never ending joy, ‘Satchittaananda’ ). Bindu is a centre point of yoga, vedanta and tantra. It is known as the highest pinnacle of human consciousness and his capacity. Bindu in sanskrit refers as point or seed, it is a point from where all experiences are born.


Bindu has been present in our societies for many centuries in form of meditation, contemplation, prayer, mantra or an outlook. The ultimate purpose of yoga is to make our life easy and joyful, so that our inner spirit can shine. To be a Yogi is not a career or a title, every person who stays in joyful and balanced state is a yogi, irrespective of his work and activity. Most westerners confuse term Yogi with Hindu monks. It might be possible that majority of Hindu monks cannot be yogi, or household people carrying daily task can be yogis. 


“the Bindu (Seed),
is a focal point and organizing principle 
for all of the other practices 
of Yoga, Vedanta and Meditation.
This makes the entire journey much more 
straightforward and understandable”


The four pillars of BinduSar:


  1. Practice

  2. Detox

  3. Therapy

  4. Embrace




“abhyasa vairagyabhyam tat nirodhah” - Patanjali Yoga sutras


Abhyasa (practice) means having an attitude of persistent effort to attain and maintain a state of stable tranquility. Here we cultivate the lifestyle, actions, speech, and thoughts, as well as the spiritual practices in form of Yoga and Tantra, that lead in the positive direction. Practice of Asanas, Pranayama, Bandhas, Mudras and Ashtanga yoga appear in this section.


Just Practice is incomplete, if Vairagya is not added to it. Vairagya is non-attachment, learning to let go of the many attachments or habits cultivated consciously and unconsciously , aversions, fears, and false identities that are clouding our true nature and intelligence. 


Most students who appeared in yoga, have been misguided by incompetent teachers either by asking to do sudden lifestyle changes or telling them keep doing practice and rest will come on its own.  Many students either quit Yoga because of difficult demands in beginning where as others keep repeating mere asanas like an exercise and engrossing more habits what will cause barriers in longer run. 


Here in BinduSar as student is inspired to practice at first stage , at the same time, teacher cultivates new concepts and habits and making them conscious for Practice and Non attachment. 


Philosophy cultivated in BinduSar practice for students:

‘shraddha virya smriti samadhi prajna purvakah itaresham’- Patanjali yoga sutras


Shraddha - Faith is an essential pillar for a joyful life. It is not easy to cultivate seeds of faith through mere reading of books or hearing discourses on it. Yoga practices inducts faith in us, without even letting it to know consciously. Yoga brings an inner feeling of certainty that we are moving in right directions


Virya: It is a force of conviction that says I can do it, I will do it or I have to do it. It is a positive energy that is reflected from ego. Enhanced virya makes us to feel more energetic physically, emotionally and spiritually. 


Smriti: Consistent practice of mindfulness and self observation. These are soul of a good yoga class. Modern days distractions are getting stronger and a common man is finding it difficult to stay positive and goal centred. 


Samadhi: Deep absorption towards challenging task. The real pursuit of happiness can be met only when we are deeply focussed with task that challenges our limitations. BinduSar classes and teachers will place practice of samadhi very often in practice. 


Prajna: Self understanding and attaining the higher perspective. Human sufferings can be eradicated through higher perspective.   



Yoga and Ayurveda have stated the importance of internal and external cleaning, Unlike most modern yoga practice, in BinduSar a strong emphasis is places on detox practices. Internal detox is termed as toxic state of mind, where it is governed with thoughts like anger, irritation, grudges, hatred, attachments, fears and ignorance. Many techniques taught during the classes are meant to purify the mental state. Physical detox includes release of physical toxins and bringing the balance in Doshas (Vata, Pitta and Kapha). Once doshas getting balance, postures and pranayama becomes easier. 



Therapy is divided into two sections. One is diet control what is required for intermediate and advance students . Second one is rejuvenation of body and mind. In Bindusar we begins with ayurveda diet system that is mainly focussed on Vata, Pitta and Kapha body types. We follow diet to balanced the problem causing doshas, even with this diet a student can achieve a healthy body and haps mind. In advance practice we shift to yoga diet, that requires more inner strength to follow in order to follow spiritual pursuits of yoga. 



This section is inspired by Samaya tantra, Vedanta and Yoga sutras. Here we practice, understanding of mind through concentration and Meditation along with methods of chakra and Kundalini awakening from yoga and tantras. The core of this section is ‘ I am with you’, it implies that our dormant powers inside the physical body in form of Chakras and Kundalini should stay active to support us. Students and teachers Q/A sessions are welcomed to understand mind and its mysteries. Advance students are taught Kashmir shaivism (Kaula tantra) in both external and internal practices.  


Bindusar yoga method is a fusion of ancient authentic wisdom(Yoga, Vedanta and Tantra) and modern revelation in form of human anatomy and physiology & psychology. It is suited for people looking either health oriented goals or deeper meaning of their existence

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