Are your backbends effective?

There is something evident about backbends that makes the practitioner look healthy, capable, youthful, and accomplished. On this article as Part 1, we discuss anatomical aspects and upcoming Part 2 on effects or panic lines on backbends. Backbends practice in yoga holds a special status. As yoga says, 'the flexibility of the spine defines youth.' Most students hold a dream to have the standing wheel, scorpion, and other variations in their yoga practice. However, in reality, very few could achieve it, mainly due to lack of sufficient hours spent or not understanding the mechanism of backbends. Being as a yoga teacher for the last 16 years, it is a common observation that many students do no

Hip opening yoga workshop in Cluj

One leg pigeon series is the second part of the hip opening yoga workshop in Cluj, taking it to the deeper level by focussing on iliopsoas work. This is the key muscle, according to yoga that controls our movement, thoughts, state of mind, and satisfaction. Since yoga came first, our lives have changed a lot, and its continuous challenges of daily life affect our hips and make them to locked up – and that’s not a good thing when it comes to pain, mobility, or even our emotions. Nearly everything we do in daily life, it leads to closing up our hip muscles: sitting at your desk, driving, watching TV, reading, physical training, and even working out. Too much sitting either at work or at

Yoga teacher's training in India or do at home with Indian school

It is a common question asked how the course that we do in Rishikesh, India are different from our European based courses. The key difference is in the format of the course. Indian yoga training course is residential and immersions that can be completed within 22- 26 days. These courses are more suitable for regular yoga practitioners, who practice 3 times a week at least in their home. Due to its intensive nature, you will get the habit of daily practice that can be carried back home. Doing yoga teacher's training In India has some extra advantages such as - Feeling the yoga in culture, seeing the hometown of you It looks impressive on your CV about a trip to Rishikesh (home town of yoga) Y

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