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Ayurveda Yoga Training 

Why Ayurveda for yoga teachers?

1. Helps you to do design yoga therapy classes.

2. Easy and clear in depth learning of Ayurveda concepts that would bring clarity to yoga. 

3. You would be able to  design more private classes for different needs.

4. Bring healthy regime to your students and in your life. 

5. You will gain proficiency to teach workshops.

6. Your classes would be more rich in terms of holistic and healthy lifestyle.


Why this Course?

Yoga is a spiritual and extraordinary science of self-realization that would bring us development at a physical and emotional level. Yoga’s holistic and integrative approach brings harmony, health, and fulfilment of life. 


Ayurveda, on the other hand, is a naturally powerful healing system for the body and mind. 


Both yoga and Ayurveda are sister sciences, and you can see their presence on each other texts widely. Most yoga begins with shatkarmas and states Doshas balancing as an essential step before starting asanas or pranayama practices. They both share an intimate history and bond. 

This course is inspired from 3 classical texts of Sushruta, Charaka and Patanjali. This course course will unite the principles of Patanjali into the system of Ayurveda.  


Many books and teachers explain the yoga postures in-depth; the asana practice has evolved a lot during modern times; simultaneously, the holistic and healing part of yoga is ignored. Ayurveda helps us understand in-depth yoga, and we can take more suitable classes for students with specific needs such as pain, insomnia, stiffness, migraines, digestive issues, etc. Yoga is a lifestyle, and it's incomplete without Ayurveda, as Ayurveda would simplify for us and makes it easier to understand. 



“Both yoga and Ayurveda reflect the Vedic idea that we must live according to our unique nature and its particular capacities” 



In depth learning of essential Ayurveda concepts and their uses in yoga


10 Yoga therapy classes on Ayurveda and common issues 

DESIGN classes

Learning to make classes  for Doshas and to balance them.


Yoga alliance program to reach 300 hour milestone.

YACEP certificate




January 6 - 9 

January 19 (4 hours in evening)

February 10 -13

Studio course

935 Euro (early bird) | 1050 Euro

Last date to register early bird 25 November 2021