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Men can do it too...Drop back

We made gloomy Sunday excited with standing drop back :)

Motivation is essential but not enough.

PS- This blog is not teaching you the home practice method.

In practice of asanas, mainly the challenging ones such as scorpion pose, handstand or standing drop back to wheel.

The month of April is remarkable, as, in this month, two male students have done the vertical drop back. Congratulating both Joseph Varga and Bogdan, both men from our online teacher's training course have gone through an intensive and regular practice before mastering it. Standing drop back is considered challenging postures, and it comes with fear of falling or hit the head on the floor or other types of anxiety. These fears are normal as wrong technique or lack of warming up can lead to back pain or injuries.

It would help if you learned under the guidance of excellent and qualified yoga teachers.

The steps that we taken on weekend to reach this successful stage.

Standing drop back -

  1. We prepared the body for the wheel for the last two days, and we did many postures for 4.5 hours of practice each day of the weekend.

  2. We work on our motivation by doing some first steps to drop back during the week, like multiple headstand versions, Cobra, and bow pose.

  3. Here on the second last weekend of ttc, we used the prop method rather than sequencing in GV5 class. We used props and more static and slow practice.

  4. We are training the joints such as flexion on knees and hip extension for a month almost.

But these steps mentioned aren't enough for your home practice, if you have never done you can find a local teacher who can help you.

And the result is here and well done Bogdan -

Bogdan will be soon teaching in Bucharest.

Gentle Vinyasa 5 is a class that focuses on Back bends in a gentle way.

Wednesday at 18:00 (CEST)

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