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Mornings are the best part of Human life

Some students ask me a frequent question of why yoga is a morning practice?

Meditation in yoga is beneficial if done during the morning hours, mainly the first activity of the day. The simple practice like watching the breath at the tip of your nose that is called nasikgara drishti and listening to the breathing will set the theme of the day in your head. The intention will be positive and will help you to stay positive during the whole day.

Unlike, Psychology where the emphasis on positive outlook but gives very few ways to do it, yoga offers actual practices. Morning hours are conducive to magnified the brain potential and the positive frame of mind built during the morning will be carried for all perception of the day. As one sometimes is infected with the virus, he transfers only viral infection during the day, the same way your positive evangelist attitude will be transmitted for during the day.

In the evening also like 5/ 10 minutes must be spent on the same activity and experience should be similar to in the morning. If you were distracted during the day, you would find it difficult to stay in peace. This is yoga when 2 poles of the day join with harmony.

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