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Yoga teacher's training in India or do at home with Indian school

It is a common question asked how the course that we do in Rishikesh, India are different from our European based courses. The key difference is in the format of the course. Indian yoga training course is residential and immersions that can be completed within 22- 26 days. These courses are more suitable for regular yoga practitioners, who practice 3 times a week at least in their home.

Due to its intensive nature, you will get the habit of daily practice that can be carried back home.

Doing yoga teacher's training In India has some extra advantages such as -

  1. Feeling the yoga in culture, seeing the hometown of you

  2. It looks impressive on your CV about a trip to Rishikesh (home town of yoga)

  3. You can meet many world yoga practitioners there.

Whereas our weekend courses in European cities such as Budapest, Brussels, Bratislava, Bucharest, Cluj, Prague, and Italy, are mainly weekend format based.

Suitable for those students who have family, children, or jobs that don't allow that much travel freedom. One of the vital advantage of the home weekend format that it takes 6-8 months to complete and gibe ample time to students to understand the yoga concepts and build a solid foundation.

It has some other advantages such as -

  1. The courses can train you well for your local market needs

  2. You can continue development in yoga asanas mainly with the teachers that taught you during the TTC

  3. Easy to start a career of teaching,

  4. You can attend many short term courses to keep yourself updated in the same style of learning.

With Bindusar yoga Rishikesh, you can do courses both at India or at your home town with Indian authenticity and credibility.

Yoga in Cluj Romania


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