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Headstand for beginners and why it's must

The king of asanas

Headstand is the king of yoga poses, and it is excellent for increasing blood flow to the brain, building strength in the arms, shoulders, and core muscles.

The Fear, as Patanjali calls it ‘Abhinivesa’ and they are evident during the Inversions.

3 steps to start with headstand -

Three ways to start headstand as a beginner.

Step 1-

Back extension-

The first thing to master with inversions such as headstand or other balancing inversions is to have reasonable control on making back straight. During the video, you will find, the student is performing the extension by lying on the back. It will also help you while lifting the legs if you have core strength. This brings us to our second point.

Step 2-

Improve the core-

The second thing to work on is building strength in the upper body, shoulders, and core. Dolphin pose is considered the best for beginners to start with. You can find the dolphin in the video.

Step 3-

Patience and consistency-

The headstand needs all the above steps, along with patience. Your mind needs some days or weeks to become habitual with this new way of seeing the world in an upside-down manner. With regular practice, you will find more control over fears such as falling, and then with some work with your local teacher, it would be more comfortable and faster. I would suggest you to visit the local teacher they can help you better than in the video. The video is meant for yoga teachers training students who want to learn the teaching methodology.

4 Key benefits of doing headstand are -

1. It can help your skin glow and look younger.

As Hatha Yoga writes, ‘ With the advancement of practice Ojas that forms the essence of the body and which is the part of ambrosia secretes abundantly from the body’ Headstands reverse the flow of circulation, letting your skin hang in the opposite direction. The inverted position flushes fresh oxygenated blood flow to the face, creating a glowing effect on the skin.

2. It can delay hair loss.

‘Valitam palitam raiva sanmasanna tu drsyate’

Hair loss can be caused by insufficient blood circulation in the scalp, stress, anxiety, and headstands increase blood flow to that area, along the balancing nature reduces stress.

3. It can improve blood circulation.

Inversions like headstands can reverse your blood flow, allowing fresh blood to rush through your body. With a couple of minute hold on it, slows down the speed of breath and makes it more profound.

4. It can aid digestion.

Nityamabhyasayuktasaya Jatharagnivivardhini

Daily practice stimulates the gastric fire.

Headstands can increase digestive fire and can increase body heat, as per Ayurveda.

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Derek Dawson
Derek Dawson
19 sept 2021

Great reaad

Me gusta
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