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5 key benefits of downdog everyday

Keeping health at an optimum level is not tricky with yoga. Even overall and straightforward taught posture of adhomukhaswan asana, the down-dog pose can give everyone essential benefits.

Those who practice Surya namaskar (sun-salutation) every day can feel the importance of down-dog in their practice.

  1. It is the soul of a vinyasa practice. If you are doing yoga with pace, down-dog repeats itself very often. It acts as a bridge between 2 postures as chaturanga pose does for advanced practitioners. One can keep doing down-dog either to slow down the breath or rest in between the flow.

  2. It is useful for opening the anterior chest and make shoulders flexible that are often tight and rounded in people with excessive desk work. Downdog is a gentle exercise to work in deep on your pectorals, Rhomboids, and deltoids. These muscles define upper body flexibility and reasonable posture control.

  3. Downward-facing dog elongates the entire Bladder channel, enabling flow and strengthening the body's primary defense mechanism. Since the bladder meridian runs down each leg's back, it can be stretched by doing a forward bend or down-dog with the legs straight. You can read more on this at (

  4. Downward dog is an inversion and can give headstand benefits too. It can be a replacement pose for a headstand for students having issues such as neck or back. The downward-facing dog is one of the most easily accessible inversions. Inversions help bring more blood to your brain, face, and scalp; thus, the head also receives more oxygen and nutrients.

  5. It builds bone density. Postures like Downward Dog (as well as more challenging arm balances such as dancing peacock, bakasana, chaturanga, etc.) that place weight on the arms and shoulders are great for building upper body strength and preserving bone density

The use of a down-dog pose can be seen in the ashtanga half led sequence for all levels.


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