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20 minutes yoga sequence, after work for no stress

Anxiety can be a bit of a hassle. Whether you suffer from a generalized or acute anxiety disorder, it can create feelings of limited control, low self-esteem, persistent fear, panic, anger and defeat.

When anxiety is present, most people attempt to evade it. Others struggle with it, often leading to medication as a treatment option with hopes that the powerful grip it has on their lives will be released. I was one of them.

Anxiety does not have to control you, it is simply a part of what makes us human.

1. Balasana

Child's Pose is commonly known as a place of rest in yoga. Most people use it to relax and regroup in between more challenging asanas during class. Child's Pose helps to release tension in the back, neck and shoulders, which are areas where most people hold a lot of their stress. This pose also helps to promote relaxation by encouraging steady conscious breathing, which is particularly great for anxiety sufferers due to a calming of the nervous system.

2. Vrkshasana

Tree Pose is fundamental in easing anxiety. By implementing basic standing balances, you promote concentration, focus and awareness, with the intention of taking your mind away from anxiety and placing your attention on your physical self. It directs your thought from negative to positive states.

3. Virbhadrasana

If you are sufficient with standing leg balances and would like a pose that strengthens, lengthens and challenges you, Warrior III is the way to go. This pose enhances core strength, improves coordination, balance and posture. It also stimulates your abdominal region, which helps to improve digestion. Proper digestion and overall gut health is imperative in the fight against anxiety, as recent studies have discovered a link between the two.

Warrior III will also help to calm the mind by shifting your attention away from intrinsic thoughts and redirects your thinking back to yourself. Be a warrior not a worrier.

4. Sirsasana

Headstand is one of the most favorite poses to practice, especially during anxious times. It reverses the blood flow in your body, causing you to focus more attention on your breath, rather than your anxiety or discomfort. By focusing your awareness on your body's place in space, you begin to evoke calmness and contentment.

When we increase and stimulate blood flow to our head, one main benefit is the detoxification of our adrenals, which is known to contribute to a decrease in depression as well.

5. Paschimottanasana

It can help a distracted mind to focus again. Seated Forward Bend is a basic posture yet challenging pose with several benefits in addition to relieving stress and anxiety such as toning the abdominal area and healing the stomach related issues.. Additional benefits include: stretches the hamstrings, spine, and lower back, improves digestion, relieves symptoms of PMS and menopause, reduces fatigue, stimulates the liver, kidneys, ovaries, and uterus. Keep the feet flexed and lower your forehead toward your knees.

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