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Yoga In Rishikesh in 2020

Rishikesh during Covid times.

Rishikesh, the yoga capital, is much more calm and silent than usual during these covid times. The sun is shining every day, and winter isn't that cold as expected; the air is much cleaner. Most locals are doing their usual routines, and life moves as it was in the 1990s. The town that bustles with pilgrims, yoga students, and yoga teacher training aspirants rests and rejuvenates itself for post covid times.

Most yoga schools are closed, and those that are open are teaching fewer classes. Yoga teacher's training in Rishikesh is still happening, but mainly those students who have entered India either before March 2020 or local Indian students who are willing to travel from different corners of India to Rishikesh. Indian international airports are still closed since march for most flights and are expected to open around the beginning of April.

What is more important, the energetic vibes are still the same as before,


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