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3 benefits of yoga that can improve work productivity

Every workplace is looking for ways to improve work productivity of its employees. Seems a difficult task so far, but yoga has made it easier if applied properly. Lack of interest and motivation develops an attitude in employees where there body and mind start taking unconscious moves to avoid work and work place.

What is right job or work for one ? The question will continue to be debatable for coming thousands of year. But the good news is that yoga can turn even the uninteresting job into likeable and fulfilling.

Many companies now recognize the value of yoga, and more and more are offering classes as part of their work life balance program . These include the likes of pro sports teams, Forbes, GE, Apple, Google, GM, Chase Manhattan Bank, HBO, GM, Industrial Light & Magic and Nike.

Yog can help all self employed, companies, large and small—just as it can help all people, no matter their age, current health or level of flexibility.

With 3 weeks of regular practice of yoga can bring these results.

1. Reduces Fatigue and boost energy.

One study showed that sitting for 4+hours is a productivity killer and has the same health effect as smoking a pack of cigarettes!

Working nonstop also creates stress leading to higher intake of coffee and cigarettes.

Solution : 10 rounds of Classical Hatha surya namaskar.

2. Improves alertness and concentration.

Most yoga practices include breathing awareness and concentration. This helps people to enervate higher degree of focus and mental alertness during work.

It also helps employees to stay away from cold, allergies and other stress related disease.

Solution: breathing exercise like kapalabhatti

3. Satisfaction and fulfillment

Psychologically most employees cannot keep personal and work life in order, thus messing up in many facets of life creating irritation, anger and sense of unsatisfaction. Most employees asuming the cause of their sorrow and miseries are their employees and bosses.

Yoga brings you in a state of contemplation and clears confusion, where you can see real issues rather creating illusions. With some weeks of practice it makes one to recognize the truth of happiness, that it is a inner state rather holding it as an ambitious project.

Solution: yoga nidra and head stand.

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