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Consciously calling opposites to stay Happy

Why we complain?

In our previous blog we have mentioned ' Bhava Bhavitit', what we feel, we become that. Our current state of life is a product of our concsious and unconscious choices. Even people know power of positive thinking, but its not possible for most to do it in day to day basis due to challenges of life. Life is fast and most of us believes we have no time to slow and think over it.

As the main purpose of yoga, is to support our daily life whether oriented spiritually or worldly . Though none of the books on yoga have created difference between spiritual or worldly life. Yoga doesn't believe in external transformations, it works on internal matrix on ' Drishta' The Seer. Happiness is a natural state of human instinct, it is a birthright of every living spicies.

In Sutras at 2.33, Patanjali acknowledges life will have its challenges, and from time to time our moral disciplines would be threatened by undesirbale thoughts or desire (Vitarka). Mind will loose its enthusiasm and enters into state of negativity. Once Vitarka get hold on mind, it starts projecting itself as a victim and starts compensating through complains.

Does yoga helps?

It is common in first few years of practice, when a practitioner is juggling with his real and illusionary world. Many a times faith is challenged and mind will create its quickfix solution along with very strong logics. Real help will only start from Pranayama onwards, as Yoga Sutra says, it helps to remove ignorance (avidhya). Mere practice of asanas is not of much help, as most yoga practitioners starts stregnthening their ego with it rather making it flexible, ,. though one feels good physically.

Dharana is an ultimate solution?

'Pratipaksha Bhavana' cultivating of the opposites thought. Simply, when one is under the state of anger, and he is standing almost at a brink of doing violence (mental, verbal or phyical ), he must force himself upon thought of kindness and love. It will slowly dissolve the anger and regulate the breath in rythm again.

This practice is suitable for some basic passion or emotional states, but states that are learnt through long conditioning such as melancholy, pessimism or phobias will not work that well with it. As mind will rebound strongly with a counter thought for every suggestion, and impedes the cultivating of opppsite thought. Here Pranayama will become a necessity and then the counter thought will be developed easily as prana will dissolves 'smiritis' (memories) .

Method of practice:

1. Take a warm shower.

2. Practice Kapabhati for 100 times.

3. Practice 10 rounds of nadi shoodhan.

4. Cultivate thoughts according to state of mind.

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