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Yoga Alliance® 300 hours registered

Yoga teachers training program

September 18 2020, onwards 


The community of yoga practitioners has matured, and they demand more in-depth knowledge of yoga from their teachers. Students and studios are demanding more from their yoga teachers. 


This Yoga Alliance® 300 hour certification course is designed to provide you with the skills necessary to meet these new challenges and will give you more broad knowledge and tools to instruct inspiring classes, workshops, and courses while elevating your development. 


Bindusar Yoga® 300-hour yoga course is for those students/teachers who have already completed a 200 Hour Yoga Alliance®  approved certification program and wanted to take their education to the next level. The program consists of 30 days of intensive yoga teacher training or 12 months long weekend format,  that provides the 275 + 25 instructional hours required for Yoga Alliance® RYT 500® Certification.  


However, this course is also open to anyone with a strong foundation of yogic practice and a desire to immerse themselves into in a richly authentic, full-bodied experience of yoga and direct its benefits towards positive, momentous change.


The 300-hour training will help you to deepen your knowledge towards yoga and Ayurveda into the higher dimension. The weekend format is expanded to 12 months study period, so students get enough time to apply these advanced concepts of yoga into practice. This course will also help you to take an internal inquiry to define the base for a good yoga teacher and a greater depth of self-understanding towards your practice and teachings.  


The challenging nature of 300 journey training offers the opportunity for optimum growth, learning, and transformation.


The course journey is divided into four parts. 


1.    Vinyasa Krama and Ashtanga (75 hours)

2.    Mastering the advance and workshop teaching methodology (75 hours)

3.    Yoga therapy: In-depth Ayurveda and Myofascial learning (100 hours)

4.    Meditation and Samadhi (25 hours)


Mukesh Kothari and the team will artfully present selected course content that brings together the traditional teachings of yogic sages and the modern scientific perspectives of neuroscience, psychology, physiology, and anatomy to create an unparalleled experience of personal understanding and development.


The course presents an in-depth study of Advance level Asana (posture), Advanced Pranayama (breathing practices), Advanced Meditation, Yoga Philosophy, Detailed Anatomy, Prana and the Energetic Body, Advanced Sequencing and Adjustments, Yoga therapy, Designing a 3-hour workshop, etc. 


Yoga Alliance® RYT 500

This 300-hour course is an advanced program, and most students will already have completed a 200-hour yoga teacher training course. You can participate in a 300-hour program without having done a 200-hour course if you are an advanced student looking to deepen your practice. However, according to Yoga Alliance® standards, you would not be able to register yourself as an RYT 500®. The RYT 500® certification requires first doing a 200-hour yoga teacher training course and an additional 300-hour yoga teacher training course.


Upcoming weekend format course in Bucharest:


2020- September 18-20, October 22-25, November 27-29, December 17-20.

2021 - January 29-31, February 5-7, March 2-7 (Yoga retreat), April 8-11, May 14-16 (Exam)


A solid physical practice including asanas and bandhas. Understanding of basic human anatomy. If you are looking to graduate towards 500 RYT, you should have completed or enrolled in 200 hours yoga alliance USA program. Certain postures need to be well developed and photos can be asked. 

Bindusar Yoga school reserves all right to decide the eligibility of the student.   

Price of the course;

Super Early Bird 2390 (Till March 31 )

Early bird 2550 EURO (Till May 20)

Regular Price 2850 EURO

Bindusar 200 RYT graduates can access their special price through the Bindusar connectivity group page.