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Essential Ayurveda training for yoga teachers and practitioners

100 hours YACEP registered course level 1

10 days intensive at Rishikesh, India

October 12-21, 2018


Why is the course unique?


We encounter many Ayurvedic terms during the learning of yoga classes and also while studying yoga books such as doshas, dhatus, malas, etc. But most of the yoga teachers unfortunately really don't understand the significance of those terms and significance in yoga practice. Due to ignorance (avidhya), many teachers keep teaching yoga classes like a physical exercise unknowingly ignoring the yoga therapeutic benefits that are required to maintain a health of body, mind, and soul. 


So, we have created a unique course where you will dive deep in healing effects of yoga by assimilating Ayurveda in your daily practice or classes. The course in unique in nature, and will bring a quantum change in your’s and your student’s yoga practices. 


How will this course help you?


  1. You will be able to understand yoga in depth and its effect on human health. 

  2. Helps to incorporate therapeutic benefits in your practice and class taught by you.

  3. You will understand how diseases manifest in the body according to yoga and Ayurveda.

  4. Make it easier to understand books like hatha yoga pradipika and gherand samhita.

  5. Understanding yoga psychology with a viewpoint of Ayurveda.

  6. Learning yoga therapy sequences for various ailments like insomnia, arthritis, stress, blood pressure related disorders, etc. 

  7. You will be able to understand Ayurvedic dietary habits and eating to stay healthy. 

  8. Yoga and ayurveda detox from the viewpoint of shatkarma and Ayurveda. 

  9. Understanding human anatomy in relation with yoga and Ayurveda.

  10. Open the door for Ayurveda therapist career.  


This program is a part of our 300 hours Yoga teachers training, leading to 100-hour YACEP certificate from yoga alliance. Those who wish to become ayurveda therapist they can continue with us for Level 2 ayurveda essential treatments training.


Course dates:

October 12 - October 21, 2018. 



1100 EUR (Early bird 15% discount of applied before August 30, 2017)

(Includes accommodation and full board)  



Mukesh Kothari

DR. K L Kothari  



Please register through our registration form (apply)


Course location:

BinduSar yoga school of India, Luxmanjhula west, Tapovan, India 



email: or

Ph. 0036-30- 997 9949 (En)  


Other facilities:

Studio based abroad can also contact us to conduct Ayurveda TTC 100 hours at their location for an intensive or weekend format.

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