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Ayurveda Yoga and Life Transformation
-15 hours-
Tirgu Mures Romania

This course will offer the basic principles of Ayurveda to assist you in making proper decisions around healthy food, routine, diet and yoga practices according to your dosha.

•How to bring balance to your mind and body through Ayurvedic practices.
•How to self-access your Ayurvedic Prakrit (original nature) and vikruti (current state).
•Three different yoga classes for vata, pitta and kapha; in other words, to de-stress and relax, invigorate and energise, cool and calm.
•Breathing practices (pranayama) to energise, balance and calm.
•An ancient mantra and meditation for everyone, even if you've never meditated before.
•Why yoga and Ayurveda are complementary to one another and essential components of a holistic practice.
•Doing the proper yoga practice for your dosha is vital to getting the results you want and need.

Vata yoga practice - 

The class is made to de-stress and relax you. It will help to pacify the movement of chaotic Vata and brings balance to its nature, leading to a calm and balanced state of thoughts. Practice this class anytime you feel burnt out, reduce stress, manage insomnia and prevent anxiety. 


Pitta yoga practice - 

The class is designed to cool down the mind and body. It manages the overheat, anger, judgemental, and over-ambitious caused by the overflow of pitta. In terms of therapy, the class will bring healing for inflammation, acne, burning, acid refluxes, indigestion and an agitated mind. 


Kapha yoga practice - 

Invigorate yourself and energise yourself from low moods and low levels of energy. The class will warm you up, increase your laziness, reduce fat and improve your moving ability. It helps to remove confusion and weight management and improves sluggish digestion. 


29.07.23 ~ Saturday: 9AM-17PM
30.07.23 ~ Sunday: 9AM-17PM

Early bird: 160 € until the 15th of July
Full price: 180 € after 15th of July 

For more details about the payment, please feel free to message this number: 0743069044 (Orosz Judith) or email

We look forward to welcoming you to this unique course!


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