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Do Online Yoga classes are good?

Reasons to attend Online yoga classes.

2020 brings many changes globally, and one of the key changes appeared in the yoga and fitness world, especially in the yoga world. Yoga is more accessible to practice from home than other fitness or health method. Yoga doesn't require many tools or machines, mainly a yoga mat, a strap or towel, or a couple of blocks.

Online yoga classes bring consistency and improvement faster than even live in-person studio classes for the following reasons.

  1. Online yoga classes reduce the traveling time to the studio. Our students can save their time and practice without getting being tired caused due to traveling.

  2. Online yoga classes with Zoom app brings the motivating practice rather than pre-recorded yoga classes via YouTube or an app. Here the teacher watches your live postures, and verbal clues and motivation can positively influence your approach.

  3. The last nine months of zoom classes have proved now scientifically that students perform better due to the consistency that comes along with it. You can see the images below or speak to current students about their successes.

  4. The class costs less than in the studio. Lesser prices have brought students regularly to online yoga classes.

  5. Family members can motivate each other to stay healthy.

  6. You can practice it from anywhere, even your travelings in post covid times will keep you intact with practice.


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