Experience before you learn

September 21, 2018

Very often student appears in yoga teachers course to become yoga teacher one day. The very mistake is with an idea of teaching yoga because since from childhood we are taught, learn and teach and anything. 


In yoga, this principle doesn't work well, as yoga believes in personal experience more than learning. Learning is done through main memory and passes impression, and meaning is made up of information stored in mind. 


Let us do a quick practice before you take up any yoga teacher training. 


Sit on a chair with ease and comfort, close your eyes and bring your attention to the process of your breathing. Don't try anything, even a thought of trying should not appear. Just observe your breath and feel the nature of breathing such as its length, time and temperature during inhalation and exhalation. Stay for 5 minutes. Practicing is twice a day will open a new dimension of your yoga practice and experiences. 



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