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Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Hatha, and Pranayama

Online yoga classes bring consistency and improvement faster than even live in-person studio classes for the following reasons. 

  1. Online yoga classes reduce the traveling time to the studio. Our students can save their time and practice without getting being tired caused due to traveling. 

  2. Online yoga classes with Zoom app brings the motivating practice rather than pre-recorded yoga classes or app. Here the teacher watches your live postures, and verbal clues and motivation can positively influence your approach. 

  3. The last nine months of zoom classes have proved now scientifically that students improve better due to the consistency that comes along with it. You can see the images below or speak to current students about their successes. 

  4. The class costs less than in the studio. Lesser prices have brought students regularly to online yoga classes. 

  5. Family members can motivate each other to stay healthy. 

  6. You can practice it from anywhere, even your travelings in post covid times will keep you intact with practice. 

Our classes features - 

1. We do the class through the Zoom app; it will be interactive in nature, which means using verbal adjustments and corrections.

2. You need to download a free app of Zoom either on your IOS, Android, or Laptop.

3. Some advanced classes need prior permission to attend, mainly just open for the studio students, who have been to these classes earlier due to high-intensity sequencing.

4. All students who are having Valid studio subscription cards (bought in the year of 2020 only) are welcome to use them. You need to send us a photo of your valid Subscription card (bérlet) on the Facebook page of Bindusar yoga. Upon receiving, we keep the record and delete the upcoming used classes, if you attend.

5. The prices will be adjusted for all student cards (sold between January 01- March 10, 2020) on their remaining unused classes, because of the online price reduction by 20%.

6. All participants should confirm their presence for the chosen class, the latest by 90 minutes before the course begins. An invitation to the yoga class and other details will be sent to you.

7. Every week the time table and level of classes are decided.

The schedule is here –

The portal used –  

Registration process –
At least 90 minutes before the class, the numbers will be limited for advanced classes. Registration is possible only with the Valid Subscription card.

You can message to confirm the place at

The location –
Most classes are live from the studio to you.

Teacher –
Mukesh Kothari



Students –

Class types.
Basics 1- Flow
Basics 2 – Vinyasa Krama
Basics 3 – Twist and arms (Detox)
Basics 4 – Hip opening (Pigeon series)
Basics 5- Back bending (Wheel series)
Basics 7 – Abductions
Elements – Advance vinyasa
Elements 2 – Advance backbends flow

Payments and mode-

The price of the class.


30 Days unlimited

Recurring subscription payment monthly - 15000 Ft or 205 RON or 42 Euro

(Every month for example 12 October - 12 November- 12 December)

Single entry – 2500 ft (8 EUR or 35 RON  )

5 Class online card - 10000 ft ( 28 EUR or 140 RON) (Validity 60 days)
10 class online card - 16500 Ft (47 EUR or 230 RON )  (Validity 60 days)

Private Online Class – 45 EUR (60')

For all prices mentioned above, an invoice will be created. So, kindly send your name, address, and card type purchased for the invoice at

Payments- (HUF)

Revolut transfers – +36309979949 (Hungary)

Paypal -

Bank transfers

Only Forint  – (Please do not transfer with Euro account or foreign currency account)
Mukesh Kothari,
Bank account no. 1201 0824 – 0123 8375 – 0010 0002


Bank transfer for Euro


IBAN - RO11BRMA0999100087929332 (EUR)


Bank name - Banca Romaneasca 

Address of Bank -

Bulevardul UNIRII nr.35, Bl A3, Sector 3, Bucuresti, Romania, 

cod postal 030822 (postal code)

Romania for only LEI-

Bank account – RO11BRMA0999100087928944 (lei)


Please consult with your physician before beginning any exercise program, if you have physical issues or past injuries. By participating in this exercise or exercise online program, you agree that you do so at your own risk, (you keep yourself safe and avoid pushing towards dangerous part) are voluntarily participating in these activities, assume all risk of injury to yourself, and agree to release and discharge Mukesh Kothari and Bindusar yoga from any and all claims or causes of action, known or unknown, arising out of this online program.

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